We solve complex security and intelligence problems.

Incubate. Design. Execute. Succeed.

Our founders and advisors are household names in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and national defense. Collectively, we are responsible for some of the core concepts that are present in the daily cyber activities of every company, agency, and organization. We are authors of widely adopted standards, inventors of core technologies, and operators from the field who have relied on these technologies for the safety of life, limb, and property. We support intelligence agency initiatives, public and private infrastructure programs, and the cybersecurity needs of private and public corporations.


Every world class offering or core internal capability starts with an idea. The idea turns into a plan, and the plan turns into a product. Ember River is comprised of seasoned experts in security technology development. We are inventors, engineers, practitioners, and operators.


Critical to any major cybersecurity undertaking is having an engineering roadmap that correlates directly to your organizations goals. Your objectives become our development roadmap so that together, we can make smart decisions about how to combine custom requirements with OTS or OEM solutions to deliver capabilities that simply do not exist within a single product or suite.

Execute and Operate.

Unlike integrators or development firms, Ember River’s capabilities include not only strategic cybersecurity and infrastructure engineering, but the ability to operate solutions jointly with your organization or completely independently. We have built some of the most advanced SOCs and critical infrastructure monitoring facilities in the world.


Big challenges in cyber, infrastructure, and operations require dedication and integrity. It is impossible for us to be successful without our customers feeling like their mission goals are met. This is why we never take on projects that we can’t see through to completion. We are here for the long haul.